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Hiking in Oceanside

While it’s easy to focus on beach fun when planning a trip to Oceanside, this sunny destination is also an oasis of adventure for those who love to lace up their boots and hit the Oceanside hiking trails in style. The following are a few routes to add to your hiking in Oceanside itinerary when you’re ready to get out and explore coastal California.

Explore the Coastal Rail Trail

Hiking enthusiasts who are looking to connect their Oceanside trek to other nearby communities will find the Coastal Rail Trail checks every box on that list. The trail can be easily accessed near the Oceanside Transportation Center and is made up of four stretches of trailheads. Two of those run through Oceanside, even winding through the downtown area! From here, paved trails run west and connect with a bike path too. The remaining trail heads linked up with this extensive route are found in Solana Beach and Carlsbad, giving hiking in Oceanside a variety of options when it comes to customized outdoor adventures.

Check Out the San Luis Rey River Trail

When hiking and biking are your outdoor style, the San Luis Rey River Trail offers up a route that’s open to pedestrians and cyclists alike. In total, the trail cover just over 7 miles of terrain running from the Neptune access to College Bridge. This route earns its name from the San Luis Rey River it follows making for a scenic and peaceful hike from start to finish. This is a relatively flat route for hikers to enjoy and dogs are welcome to accompany you as long as they’re leashed. You’ll end up at the beach at the end of this trail providing a worthwhile reward for your efforts.

Enjoy Time Hiking in Oceanside Out from Oak Riparian Park

While Oak Riparian Park is well worth checking out on its own, hikers will find that it’s a great access point to the greater Calavera Trail System too. The Calavera Trail system hosts over 6-miles of routes to explore that can be reached at the outskirts of Oak Riparian Park, just off the main paved pathway. Keep your eyes open for the trailhead signs and head out towards Lake Calavera. This path is open to pedestrians and cyclists alike.

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