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A restored 1888 boarding house and cafe in the heart of downtown Oceanside, The Brick Hotel has been reimagined into a modern day inn, a new kind of boutique hotel hidden above a restaurant and below a rooftop bar. Locally owned and operated with contactless on-demand service and a digital concierge, we invite guests to self check-in to their vacation.

With just 10 rooms, guests of The Brick Hotel have the unique opportunity to rent out all rooms on property for their party via a room block. Discounts up to 25% off available for room blocks of 5 or more rooms!

Rooms are not refundable if discount applied


Need more rooms for your group or a space for your bridal party to get ready? Inquire about our oceanfront Pacific Villas (6 one-bedroom apartments on the Oceanside Strand) or our Pacific Bungalow (two-bedroom dog-friendly home with enclosed backyard). These properties require a 2-night minimum and also qualify for the discounted room block rate once minimum is met.

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  • Unmasking Oceanside: What's it all about?

    Picture surfer whispers carried on ocean breezes, Pier Plaza teeming with vibrant life, and a downtown canvas splashed with colorful murals. Add craft beer bubbling in hip taprooms, Legoland laughter echoing through the air, and a beach atmosphere woven with laid-back charm, that's Oceanside, unmasked.

  • The Brick Hotel: Your Oceanside Haven?

    Forget cookie-cutter stays, The Brick Hotel is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Imagine an industrial-chic haven perched steps from the Pacific, where comfort meets coastal cool. Luxurious rooms unveil ocean vistas, while a rooftop pool bar spills over with energy. Savor farm-to-table bounty at The Seahorse Grill, melt away at the spa, or borrow a beach cruiser to explore. The Brick Hotel isn't just a stay, it's your Oceanside story unfolding.

  • Beyond the Hotel: What Adventures Beckon?

    Oceanside's a treasure chest brimming with possibilities! Hike canyon trails whispering secrets, kayak alongside playful dolphins, or conquer a wave at one of the many surf breaks. History buffs can unearth stories at Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, while families will find endless thrills at Legoland or Oceanside Harbor. Craving local flavor? Stroll the Pier Plaza farmers market or discover Main Street's eclectic boutiques. Oceanside is yours to explore, layer by layer.

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