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Explore and enjoy Stone beer in the relaxed, intimate setting of their outdoor beer garden, which is connected to the Brick Hotel via the Succulent Patio. Featuring a communal fire-pit and plenty of shaded seating, Stone Beer Garden is the best place in town to indulge in a locally crafted craft beer. Stone welcomes leashed pets and service animals and is family-friendly.

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MONDAY: 11A – 9P
FRIDAY: 11A – 11P
SUNDAY: 11A – 9P

Stone Beer Garden is connected to the Brick Hotel via the Succulent Patio

Oceanside, California is a thrilling destination city known for its stunning coastline and all-year-round weather. Besides the multiple fun activities the city has to offer, there is a hidden gem in town you need to explore. It is the Stone Beer Garden connected to The Brick Hotel. This garden is more than just an ordinary pub. It offers a coastal vibe while still being a kid-friendly setting. Here’s why Stone Beer Garden is a good spot for your vacation in Oceanside.

An Incredible Tasting Experience

Stone Beer Garden is strategically set in a relaxed and intimate environment complete with signature architectural components. As the name suggests, the main business of the day is brewing. This place is known for its incredible tasting experience, which has been enhanced by the overall design of the building. The garden opens every day around midday and closes later into the night. Mostly, the tasting room is locked by nine in the evening, though it sometimes extends to 11 PM on select days. The tasting experience here incorporates year-round releases including IPAs, margaritas and lagers. All these are available on a first come, first serve basis and are a great way to explore the fun side of the West Coast away from the beach.

A Kid-Friendly Setting

If you have been to beer gardens before, you know how inconveniencing it can be when vacationing with kids. However, Stone Beer Garden is built differently. Instead of the usual beer-only setting, this garden has been designed to be family-friendly. Within the garden is a separate segment complete with native trees and plants. This part forms a suitable play area for your kids. Also, you are allowed to bring foodstuff from outside, which compensates for the lack of restaurants within the property. This flexibility gives you the luxury to pair your favorite snacks with your glass of beer.

Enjoy the Beach Settings in the Periphery

This garden offers more than just beer. The immediate environment is everything you would want to see in a vacation destination. Stone Beer Garden sits not far away from the beach, which also offers multiple activities for you to explore. While these drinks are refreshing, having fun in the ocean is an experience you shouldn’t miss. The calm waters of the Oceanside offer the perfect platform for you to swim, among other sports.

Pets Have Their Day Out

Are you the kind of person who can’t spend a day without seeing their furry friends? Stone Beer Garden is made for exactly that. It is among the few joints in the area that admit pets into their premises. However, these pets need to be leashed for obvious reasons. With pets and children as part of your travel team to Oceanside, you have the peace of mind needed to enjoy your stay in California. Best still, dog treats are readily available, meaning no one is left out of the fun.

Doubles Up as a Retail Store

Stone Beer Garden doubles up as a retail store. Even if you didn’t come here for its incredible taprooms, there is a lot more for you to take home. Although there are foodstuffs sold here, there are a lot of other kinds of stuff available for you to explore. Some of the items that would make a great addition to your home collection include branded merchandise and glassware. Candles and soaps are other items in the store. Also, there are even options for you to take home for your pets.

Rent a Vacation Property Nearby

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Reserve Yours Today

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    Imagine rhythmic surf serenading sun-kissed days, Pier Plaza pulsing with life, and vibrant murals adorning a historic downtown. Throw in craft beer bubbling in trendy taprooms, Legoland giggles echoing through the air, and a laid-back beach vibe, that's Oceanside, revealed.

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    Forget generic stays, The Brick Hotel is a vibrant canvas for your adventure. Picture an industrial-chic haven where the Pacific whispers secrets just steps away. Luxurious rooms unveil ocean vistas, while a rooftop bar spills over with energy. Savor local flavors at The Seahorse Grill, unwind at the spa, or borrow a beach cruiser to explore. The Brick Hotel isn't just a stay, it's your Oceanside story unfolding.

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    Oceanside's a treasure map brimming with possibilities! Hike trails whispering secrets of canyons, paddle alongside playful dolphins, or conquer a wave at one of the many surf breaks. History buffs can unearth stories at Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, while families will find endless thrills at Legoland or Oceanside Harbor. Craving local flavor? Stroll the Pier Plaza farmers market or discover Main Street's eclectic boutiques.

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