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Located on the north patio of The Brick Hotel, Succulent Coffee offers delicious coffee and tea beverages in a plant-filled outdoor space. Founded in 2011 and relocated to The Brick Hotel in 2023, Succulent Coffee offers plants for purchase and beverages to enjoy in a relaxing, serene and quiet succulent garden.

Accessible to guests via the north exit of The Brick Hotel or to the public at 306 N Tremont St, Oceanside, CA 92054


MONDAY: 7:30A – 2P
THURSDAY: 7:30A – 2P and 5P-8P
FRIDAY: 7:30A – 2P
SATURDAY: 7:30A – 2P
SUNDAY: 7:30A – 2P

Succulent Coffee is hidden between the Brick Hotel and Stone Beer Garden

If you’re searching for a distinctive coffee experience during your stay at The Brick Hotel in Oceanside, Succulent Coffee is your hidden gem. Tucked away on the back patio of The Brick Hotel, this delightful cafe not only serves up a delightful array of treats but also infuses your Oceanside adventure with a cozy atmosphere and a hint of greenery, creating a one-of-a-kind coffee rendezvous that perfectly complements the coastal vibe of Oceanside. Stop by your new favorite Oceanside staple today!

A Central Hub for Relaxation

Located on The Brick Hotel’s back patio, Succulent Coffee effortlessly connects with the hotel’s amenities, which include the Q&A Restaurant & Oyster Bar and the Cococabana Rooftop Bar, all housed within the same building. Positioned next to Frankies Lounge and in proximity to Stone Brewery, Succulent positions you at the crossroads of convenience and charm.

Succulent opens at 7:30 a.m., ensuring you can start your day with a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Its central location offers easy access to Oceanside’s top attractions, making Succulent Coffee the ideal starting point for exploring this coastal gem.

Savor Every Item on the Menu

At the core of Succulent Coffee is a menu designed to elevate your day no matter what time you visit. The aroma of high-quality coffee, teas, and specialty espresso drinks fills the air as you enter. The diverse drink menu caters to varied preferences, featuring classics like vanilla iced coffee, exotic options like white matcha, and indulgent treats like the tuxedo iced coffee.

Whether you’re an espresso lover, a tea enthusiast, or have a sweet tooth for pastries, Succulent Coffee promises a flavorful journey. From morning pick-me-ups to afternoon treats, the cafe’s menu complements the coastal allure of Oceanside, offering a haven for those who appreciate a perfectly brewed cup.

Succulents Woven into Every Detail

Succulent Coffee seamlessly incorporates succulents into its open-air setting on The Brick Hotel’s back patio. The succulents throughout the cafe create a harmonious and inviting space with vibrant greenery on every table, windowsill, and other key spots.

This thoughtful integration of succulents adds a natural touch to the surroundings, making Succulent Coffee not just a destination but a serene escape. Whether you’re enjoying a book, working remotely, or simply unwinding with a cup of coffee, the atmosphere will make you calm and relaxed. The cafe’s commitment to green living transforms every visit into an experience, inviting you to embrace the coastal charm of Oceanside.

Bring Home a Custom Succulent Arrangement

Beyond providing a delightful destination, Succulent Coffee extends the beauty of its atmosphere to your home through custom succulent arrangements. These low-maintenance and elegant plants, known for thriving with minimal care, serve as perfect mementos or thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Purchasing a custom arrangement allows you to capture the peaceful essence of Succulent Coffee, bringing a touch of coastal beauty to your living space.

As you explore the options for custom succulent arrangements, you’re not just getting a beautiful piece of greenery; you’re taking home a reminder of the moments spent at Succulent Coffee & Café. These arrangements become a part of your daily surroundings, creating a lasting connection to Oceanside.

Discover the Allure of Oceanside

Oceanside embodies the laid-back coastal lifestyle, capturing the true spirit of California living. With its expansive sandy beaches and a mild climate throughout the year, Oceanside is perfect for those searching for a relaxed beachside experience. The city offers a vibrant community and a wide range of activities, catering to families, solo travelers, and anyone looking to soak up the sun, surf, and a touch of Southern California charm.

The iconic pier stands as a focal point, not only providing breathtaking ocean views but also serving as a bustling center of activity. Whether you prefer a stroll along the wooden planks, trying your luck at fishing, or simply enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze, the pier offers a quintessential Oceanside experience. The downtown area features a range of shops and restaurants, creating the perfect balance of coastal living and urban exploration.

Book Your Stay with The Brick Hotel & Vacation Rentals

Succulent Coffee is a popular destination within The Brick Hotel, offering a retreat with delicious treats and beautiful succulents. From the delicious drinks and treats on the menu to the harmonious integration of succulents, Succulent Coffee creates an atmosphere that enriches your Oceanside adventure. As you plan your stay in Oceanside, make Succulent Coffee a cornerstone of your experience. Contact our team of reservation specialists to book your stay with The Brick Hotel & Vacation Rentals today and unlock the charm of Oceanside. We can’t wait to see you!


  • What time is Succulent Coffee & Café Open?

    Succulent Coffee & Café is open every day of the week, apart from Tuesday. As the name suggests, this establishment is largely a breakfast or brunch restaurant. It is the place to be for the best coffee in town. This restaurant opens at 7:30 in the morning and closes at 2:00 in the afternoon. In between those hours, you can check in and order your drink paired with a bite of choice.

  • Is Succulent Coffee & Café suitable for a family outdoor experience?

    Succulent Coffee & Café is one of the few family-friendly joints you can count on in the city. With Succulent Coffee & Café, all you have on the menu are drinks and refreshments suitable for the family. Within the same menu are elements that your kids will love sampling.

  • What else is available to explore nearby?

    Beyond the dining culture of the city, there is a lot more available for you to explore outside. With the sea ocean at a stone’s throw distance, the number of activities you can explore here is limitless. From swimming and surfing to marine wildlife tours, Oceanside is an adventure galore worth every moment.

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