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Sip something timeless at Frankie’s – a lavish cocktail lounge connected to the Brick Hotel. Adorned with plush leather booths, exquisite chandeliers and exposed 1800s-era brick, Frankie’s is the perfect spot for a night cap.

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Monday – Wednesday: 4P – 12M
Thursday – Sunday: 3P – 12M


On California’s south coast lies the beach city of Oceanside. This San Diego gem has tons to offer, including an impressive coastline, excellent surf waves, and beautiful all-year weather. Aside from the scenery, Oceanside is home to a vibrant beverage scene. Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge at The Brick Hotel is a luxurious lounge with impeccable decor and ample space offering professionally crafted cocktails.

The Interior

The moment you walk into Frankie’s, you’ll notice a laid-back ambiance. This is largely due to the lounge’s interior. The lighting is just right and sets the tone for an afternoon or evening of relaxed conversation over your favorite drinks. If you stop by in the early evening, there’s plenty of beautiful natural light pouring in from the large glass windows. Later, as the sun sets, the interior lights come on, giving the place a life of its own. The mixing area fully displays the lounge’s wide drinks inventory, while the rest of the space features several grandiose chandeliers, conferring a classic feel. The bar section has a couple of well-designed high chairs for anyone who’d like a solo drinking experience. The rest of the lounge features lovely wooden tables capable of sitting groups of four. Comfortable booths offer a more secluded space for groups that prefer a bit more privacy. The walls feature an exposed brick effect that adds character to the space by contrasting the lounge’s design elements. A couple of paintings on the walls add that extra bit of calmness and tranquility.

The Menu

Any cocktail lounge builds its reputation on its drink menu. Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge offers a wide menu that includes cocktails, beers and wines. On the cocktail end, choose from Strawberry Queen, Midnight Cough, World Star, and After The Storm, to name a few. Each cocktail packs a unique set of ingredients, offering something special. If you want something more authentic, the mixologists can prepare a personalized drink to suit your taste. On the beer front, you can pick from seven varieties of craft beer. These include Harland, Northern Pine, Shootz, RRey, Mikkeller, Thorn, and Eppig. There are also nine canned beers to choose from, including Bivouac, Flying Embers, Staringe Beast, Montucky Cold Snack, Tea West Hard Tea, Coors OG, Coors Light, Madre Desert Water, and Modelo Especial. If you prefer a bottle of wine, choose from red wines, white wines, orange wines, rose wines or sparkling wines. Frankie’s only stocks high-quality drinks, so expect to get a bang for your buck.

The Staff

Staff is always the lifeblood of any business. Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge understands this principle well and hires competent staff to meet customer needs adequately. A team of professional mixologists showcases a rich knowledge of ingredients and techniques to ensure cocktails turn out just right. Frankie’s serving staff is equally a friendly bunch and delight in hospitality. All of them exhibit a thorough understanding of the menu and are always ready to make the evening a memorable one.

Lively Music

No cocktail lounge would be complete without some tunes to keep you entertained as you sip away. Frankie’s often features live bands to liven up the evenings. Aside from the entertainment value they bring, hosting bands is a great way to help foster homegrown talent and put some of the performers on the map.

Ideal Location

Barely half a mile off the San Diego Freeway, Frankie’s lies along 406 Pier View Way, making it easy to reach by car. If you’re in the downtown Oceanside area, Frankie’s is only a couple of minutes’ walk from Oceanside Beach. After a long day at work or if you’re in the area and are looking for a place to unwind, Frankie’s central location makes it easily accessible. Also, after enjoying your night out, you’re right near your room at The Brick Hotel!

Tag a Friend or Two Along

Admit it, evenings out with your favorite group of pals almost always trumps going solo. Frankie’s is the sort of place that’s built for camaraderie. The setup is perfect for having a girl’s or guy’s night out or planning a fun night with your workmates. The working hours are ideal for when you get off work. From Mondays to Thursdays, the lounge opens at 4 PM and closes at midnight, while on Fridays to Sundays, enjoy your favorite drinks from 1 PM until midnight. With the lounge strictly admitting over 21s, you can look forward to a more civil and mature sipping session.

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Oceanside is a renowned holiday destination, thanks to a multitude of attractions. If you’re looking for a quality vacation room in Oceanside, The Brick Hotel is the go-to option. Contact us today and explore our list of beautiful rooms.


  • How far is Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge from the beach?

    Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge is located within walking distance of the beach. In short, you can casually walk to and from the beach without being a bother to anyone. This proximity to the sea means you have the right vacation partner that enhances your holiday experiences on the West Coast.

  • Is Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge suitable for a couple’s outing?

    Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge is an adult-only setting. The interior setting of this establishment has been optimized to be a comfortable place for couples to have fun. With designated tables for two, you are in the right place to enjoy those private moments with your partner. Also, the cocktails served here are everything you would need on such a special night with your partner.

  • What is there to explore outside Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge?

    Not far from Frankie’s Cocktail Lounge is a vibrant neighborhood complete with a set of activities for you to explore. If you are vacationing as a family, you are in the right place to fulfill all your shopping needs. Also, there are multiple art exhibits to take home for your décor. To sum up your holiday experiences in Oceanside, hit the cool salty waters of the sea for a breeze.

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