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Plan a Girls’ Getaway to Oceanside

Oceanside, CA is one of the many beach towns experiencing an ever-rising tourist activity. This growth is due to the area being close to San Diego. Besides that, this beach town also experiences a rise in fine dining establishments and wineries, ultimately making it the perfect coastal destination. The rise of these restaurants that offer haute cuisine means visiting Oceanside with your girlfriends will expose you to exciting activities in Oceanside, CA and a line of amazing gourmet cultures to explore. Therefore, Oceanside is perfect if you’re looking for a vibrant, secluded, and fairly affordable destination along the California coast to explore with your friends. Here’s why you and your friends should consider this California beach town.

Day One

To start your getaway, you can opt to utilize your first day by exploring the extensive shoreline that features several top attractions and activities in Oceanside, CA, including the fabled wooden pier. You can stroll on the pier enjoying the impressive eating establishments and events in the area. One of these interesting eateries that serve excellent Mexican cuisine is Colima’s Mexican Restaurant, a restaurant that pays homage to Baja-Mexican cuisine. You can order a variety of scintillating bites, including a breakfast burrito that will have you and your friends ready to kickstart your first day on vacation.

Once satiated, it’s time to acquaint yourself with this ever-growing beach town by biking or strolling with your friends through its extensive boardwalk, the Oceanside Strand Boardwalk. As you walk through the area, soak in the amazing views from the surroundings while learning more about the structures in the area. After enjoying this amazing boardwalk’s informative and entertaining tour, you and your friends can visit the educative California Surf Museum. This institution stores a collection of data detailing the history of surfing. You can opt to donate to the museum, a donation that’ll help support the institution’s research programs.

Upon acquainting yourself with the history of surfing and its significance in this beach town, you can head to the renowned Oceanside Harbor. This area features amazing dining options and picnic tables. Once you’re in the area, you can order at Dominic’s At The Harbor and enjoy amazing pizza as you gear up for an afternoon of exploring several of the remaining institutions in Oceanside, which include the Oceanside Museum of Art, where a collection of art by various top California artists awaits you. Once you’ve explored the area’s art scene as displayed by the museum, you can end your evening by exploring the area’s history at the Heritage Park Village & Museum before enjoying your dinner at 333 Pacific.

Day Two

The second day is the climax of your stay at this coastal gem as it features a tour through San Diego’s top wineries and boutiques. Before embarking on a wine-tasting experience, you and your girlfriends can check out Beach Break Café, where a twist of your everyday breakfast awaits you. After enjoying your scintillating breakfast, you can hire one of the amazing wine tour companies, such as Baja Border Tours, that will take you through wine tours, including Mexico Wine Tour, Harbor Wine Cruise, and Carla & Linda’s Walking Food Tour. Most of these tours offered feature a food tour that takes you through the area’s amazing gastronomy. Therefore, bring your appetite and enjoy a gourmet tour that’ll treat your taste buds.

After exploring this part of San Diego Coast’s culinary culture, you can proceed to Tyson Street Beach & Park, colloquially known as Tyson Street Park. Here in this attraction, you can enjoy access to excellent park amenities, including picnic tables and other facilities. Besides that, the beach is accessible and will offer you the perfect grounds for enjoying outdoor activities by the shoreline. Once finished fiddling around on the sands, you can head to one of the top eateries on O’side’s Pier, Mission Ave. Bar & Grill for a sumptuous dinner and drinks.

Day Three

The final day of your stay in O’side will feature shopping for souvenirs and gifts. But before commencing your shopping haul, you can first try out brunch at Rosewood Kitchen, where a creative multi-cultural tasting menu awaits you. Once you and your girlfriends are full, visit Rais Case, where you can purchase high-end leather goods, including bags. After checking out Rais Case, you can head to Tremont Collective for another session of shopping that’ll take you through amazing retail stores before ending your afternoon at the Apotheque Lifestyle Spa for some massage, waxing, skincare, and acupuncture. The spa session will help you mark the end of your girls’ getaway in style.

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