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Summer Journey to Oceanside

Summers are synonymous with two things: high temperatures and tons of fun. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer getaway, the picturesque Golden State offers many thrills for an epic holiday experience. Oceanside, California is one of the state’s most renowned tourist destinations, drawing massive droves of people each year. Here’s a summer vacation guide for an exhilarating Oceanside summer vacation. 

Summer Guide To Oceanside

Oceanside is chockfull of delightful routes crisscrossing the city, making it a biking haven. Residents and visitors use bikes to traverse the gorgeous neighborhood while soaking in the sweet California summer sunshine. If you’re looking for a laidback bike ride, tracks like Bike to Oceanside Harbor and Bike to Mission San Luis Rey should be right up your alley. Tracks such as Bike to Torrey Pines and Bike to Encinitas offer a more robust challenge, while Bike to Sleeping Indian and Bike to Juan Capistrano serve more advanced bikers. If you’d prefer exploring on two feet, there are tons of trails worth exploring, including Coastal Rail Trail, Garrison Creek Trail, and San Luis Rey River Trail. 

Enjoy the Beach

Oceanside features three miles of sun-kissed coastline, offering loads of fun. For a serene oceanside picnic, Tyson Street Beach is the ultimate go-to. This grassy, sandy seaside park is a short walk from the Oceanside Pier and offers the perfect setting for a relaxing meal. If you’d prefer to hit the water, Pier View South is a popular destination to enjoy surfing, body boarding, or body surfing. Pier View North is ideal for a laid-back stroll or lounging with your favorite book. Other notable Oceanside beaches include Harbor Beach, Breakwater Way Beach, Oceanside Boulevard Beach, and Buccaneer Beach. 

Watch Some Whales

Oceanside is a whale-watching haven, with numerous charters and tour boats offering daily excursions to view these majestic behemoths of the sea. Oceanside ideally lies along the migration paths of several species, with summer being famous for blue whales, fin whales, and humpbacks. When heading out for a whale-watching tour, remember to carry a few clothing essentials, including flat shoes, sunglasses, jackets or sweaters, brimmed hats, and high SPF sunscreen to shield you from the California rays. 

Go Skydiving

Skydiving is a bonafide way to cause a spike in your adrenaline levels. Few things can match the thrill of jumping out of a plane a few thousand feet in the air and falling to the earth before deploying your parachute. Oceanside is home to GoJump Oceanside, an energetic and experienced company offering excellent skydiving experiences. The company has completed over 145,000 skydives in its three centers, with the staff chalking up 45,000 hours in freefall. If jumping out of a plane is too much to handle, indoor skydiving is a suitable alternative. iFly offers indoor skydiving sessions thanks to its state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels and a group of certified, world-class instructors. 

Pass by the Pier

The iconic Oceanside Pier dates back to 1888 and has since been one of the town’s standout attractions. The famous dock stretches some 1,942 feet into the Pacific, offering stunning views of the surroundings. The pier serves several purposes, from acting as a stage for performers and artists, providing a stunning backdrop for iconic photos, and allowing deep-water access for novice anglers. The dock also serves as a prime spot for whale and dolphin watching, while the auditorium at the base of the pier hosts concerts and citywide celebrations. 

Hit the Harbor

The Harbor sits on the northern end of Oceanside and offers breathtaking views. The red-and-white striped lighthouse, dancing palm trees, and floating sailboats combine to give the area a signature coastal feel. Oceanside Harbor dates back to 1963 and is a melting pot for all things ocean. The legendary surf break features several rentals, including high-speed jet skis to laidback paddleboards that allow you to explore the water. Take a chartered boat or cruise along the coast on a scenic tour. Once hunger starts to bite, head over to any of the ample dining options for a savory meal. 

Make for the Museum

Oceanside is home to the California Surf Museum and Oceanside Museum of Art, two world-class centers showcasing the area’s creative expression. California Surf Museum is your one-stop spot for awe-inspiring exhibitions of themes surrounding body surfing, wave science, and boogie boarding. The Oceanside Museum of Art offers light installations, paintings, sculptures, and glass, and its annex gallery at The Seabird Resort overlooks the Pier. 

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Oceanside is a holiday gem that doesn’t disappoint. From stunning beaches to a gorgeous pier and thrilling skydiving adventures, Oceanside is the ultimate summer vacation spot. An epic summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without quality accommodations. Contact us today to book your Oceanside rental and prepare for the summer of a lifetime! 

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